Terms & Conditions

At Click n Buy CA Marine Supply

All sales are final.  All orders are to be pickedup at one of our locations in Brick Bay or Puerto Cortes, Hondures or Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

If for some reason you want to make a return, we will asset you, however this will be with you and our supplier. Our supplier is in Miami, FL, USA  You will need to cover all expenses.

Your only guarantee is that if we can not deliver your order to our location of your choice, then you will receive a refund.  

All sales are done with a bank card and processed thorugh the payment gateway in US Dollars, At checkout your order will change to USD.  You will receive an email with subject: Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation with your transaction information. if for some reason you want to pay some other way contact us.


Prices may go up without notice. You may be ask to pay more money.  If you have any doubt ask for a quote


All prices are click n buy, (shipping, Tax, Duty, included) and delivered to one of our locations for your pickup.

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