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Marlow - How to splice

Why Splice.


Splices: Most Marlow ropes can be spliced, this is normally the preferred method of termination. A good splice using the recommended method should not reduce the strength of a rope by more than 10%.

Knots: A knot will reduce the strength of the rope, sometimes very significantly. This loss is caused by the tight bends and compression found in any knot. The amount a rope will be weakened will depend on the knot, type of rope and the material from which it is made but can be up to 60%

Eye Sizes: Wherever possible the angle formed at the throat of a splice when it is loaded should be 30 degrees or less. This means that the length of the eye when flat must be at least 2.7 times the diameter of the object over which the eye is to be used and the distance from the bearing point to the throat when in use should be at least 2.4 times the diameter.

Some materials like Aramids and HMPEs will require a larger eye with an angle at the throat of 15 degrees or less.


Types of splice


Doublebraid Splice – Doublebraid, Dockline.

Used for ropes with a braided core and braided cover. Usually polyester and the strength is fairly evenly split between core and cover.

Difficulty rating 3/5

Marlowbraid Splice – Marlowbraid

Used for ropes with long lay twisted 3 strand core and braided cover. The majority of the strength is in the core.

Difficulty rating 4/5

3 Strand – 3 Strand Polyester, 3 Strand Nylon, Hardy Hemp.

The classic rope comprising of 3 twisted strands and no cover. Splice performed by weaving each of the 3 strands together.

Difficulty rating 2/5

Singlebraid Splice – D12, V12, T12, Excel D12, Excel V12, PS12.

Lines consisting of just a 12 strand core and no cover. There is various methods of splicing and locking this but the principles remain the same. Our method shows a fairly complicated locking method using only one end of the rope.

Difficulty Racing 3/5

Core Dependent Splice – MGP Lines, D2 Racing 75, V2 Racing, D2 Competition.

The strength of the rope is 95% reliant on the core. This splice relies on the core splicing strength. A very advanced splice for technical riggers.

Difficulty rating 5/5


Splicing Tools


Splicing Fids – Swedish fids used primarily for 3 strand and multiplait splicing. Aid Marlowbraid and D2 Racing 75 splices.



Braid on Braid Fid Set – Selma fids used primarily for doublebraid, D12 and D2 splices. Can aid 3 strand and marlowbraid splices.


Splicing Needles – Large and small used for Marlowbraid, D2 Racing. Can also be used for the doublebraid splice.


Excel Control Splicing needle – Used primarily for Excel Control and Excel D12 2.5 and 3mm.

splicing control needle

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